Fso Agreement

Unocal Thailand Ltd. has signed an agreement with Teekay Shipping Corp. for the long-term leasing and management of a floating, storage and unloading (FSO) vessel for its crude oil development project in the Gulf of Thailand. In July 2016, Aker Solutions was mandated to provide engineering services for the development of oil and gas resources as part of the SVDN project. The nine-month contract for Aker Solutions covered the frontal engineering (FEED) design work for the Developments of Sao Vang and Dai Nguyet. The feasibility of modernizing the fleet of supply ships on the hybrid hydrogen power platform has been confirmed. “With our wide range of marine energy-related solutions and services, whether in energy transportation or at sea, MISC is confident that we will be able to meet the diverse needs of the global oil and gas industry.” Malaysia Vietnam Offshore Terminal (MVOT) has entered into a timely charter contract for Idemitsu Kosan (IKC) of approximately $176 million to supply a floating, stock and unloading (FSO) vessel for the Sao Vang and Dai Nguyet Development Project off the coast of Vietnam. Man 16V175D Thrusters for the Israeli shipyard IK IK is the operator of the SVDN project, which is expected to produce its first gas in the second half of 2019. What about Net-Zero? Transition status in light of Covid-19 International Seaways, Inc. (NYSE: INSW) is one of the world`s largest oil companies providing energy transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products in the international flag markets.

International Seaways owns and operates a fleet of 39 vessels, including 13 VLCCs, two Suezmaxes, five Aframaxes/LR2s, 13 Panamaxes/LR1s and 4 MR Tankers. Through joint ventures, it participates in two floating storage and unloading vessels. International Seaways has an experienced team dedicated to best operating practices and the highest level of customer service and operational efficiency. International Seaways is headquartered in New York City, NY. For more information, see www.intlseas.com.