Ntps Enterprise Agreement 2017

b) Any payment of a given annual paid leave is subject to a separate agreement in accordance with point 18.11 above. (a) by the employer or worker who imposes a 13-week delay on the other party and has written the other party and the agreement that is no longer in effect at the end of the notice or 4.5 to give the employer a copy of the agreement and to keep the agreement in the form of a time and salary book. 4.6 Except as provided in 4.4 a), the contract must not require the agreement or agreement of anyone other than the employer and the individual worker. B.5.2 All assessments conducted on this schedule must be recorded in a SWS wage assessment agreement and retained by the employer as a time and salary record in accordance with the law. 19.10 In agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, a worker may take unpaid compassionate leave. Note: If any of the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) of the Act 2009 that is reflected in the requirements of this clause are not met, the agreement may be terminated either by the employee or by the employer, with a written termination of up to 28 days (see p. 145 of the law). (d) explain in detail how the agreement improves the overall situation of the worker with respect to the conditions of employment of each worker; and B.6.1 All SWS wage assessment agreements under the terms of this schedule, including the reasonable percentage of the minimum wage to be paid to the worker, must be submitted by the employer to the Fair Work Commission. (a) the usual hours of physical grade workers must not exceed 37.5 hours per week, i.e. 8 hours and 20 minutes per day without lunch breaks from Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., notwithstanding the provisions of this clause relating to working time, departure and end times may be changed , subject to agreement between the majority of employees in the relevant work area. “that may involve a workers` representative and the employer and must be written down.

b) If the employer presents the transport in accordance with point 28.11 (iii) (iii), transportation is offered by the place of control or places defined by the employer in the agreement with the workers. This transport will have seats and protection from the elements. A worker who, in agreement with the employer, uses his own vehicle in the employer`s business receives a salary of $0.62 per kilometre. This compensation involves compensation for comprehensive insurance, liability and liability, and the worker frees the employer from liability for the rights for which the worker is compensated under such insurance. (g) An agreement must not have the effect that the worker`s accumulated entitlement to paid annual leave lasts less than four weeks. The company that refers to this modern award is the company that represents the Northern Territory public sector (NTPS) under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 1993 (NT).