Tenancy Agreement No Pets Clause

Can you keep pets in a rented house so that children can come here and pet? What kind of insurance you would need, you would also need permission from a government authority so that other children than your own can come to your rented accommodation and pet these animals. Do you also need some kind of license to keep the animals mentioned above? First of all, Cheryl, you`re a waste of space and you lack empathy. I hope that one day, if you surprisingly love an animal, you will remember your stuck and carefree comment here. Let me guess. You are one of the people with money and a flash car who think they are superior to others. These are usually people who have a problem with pets and contact us. I have a beautiful little quiet dog, clean and old, and I have recovered all the feces since he was 8 weeks old. He is now 13 years old and he is like my child. I have never been maternal for noisy, dirty and destructive children, which is why I take care of animals. The way owners group us into responsible and irresponsible dog owners is revolting. Why should we pay more than a deposit that remains for the damage? My dog digs, scratches or doesn`t demolish wallpaper or cause no damage at all?! Of course, I am a very clean and hygienic person and I have the carpets cleaned myself professionally, but I make sure that I find people who use natural detergents and those who have not been tested on animals.

Stop judging us owners, you are cordially invited to visit and meet the dog a few times to see how it behaves, so why is it always a “no”. For years, I haven`t found anywhere to accept myself and my dog and live with my parents – I`m almost 40 years old! There are always people without dogs or cats in line, so I can never take a look at it. Animals are not flea bags or are dirty. And Cheryl. My dog can`t get going, so stop thinking that all dogs do. And stop imposing your cold attitude towards everyone else with a heart that their pet loves. In a world where animals are treated like, people like you are the problem that keeps it going. Forget to say that the house had large mice and small bugs, the oven does not work, they did not send anyone to clean the fan of the bathroom does not work the main door did not have a key, among other things, the wooden furniture had to go to the trash Because my daughter has atopic skin and none of us would be lying in these beds, To remove everything again my husband comes almost every month, who repaired a few days and what is needed, I saw distrates clean and finish with rats and bedbugs went to avocados and no one did anything nor Wandsworth`s advice.

Tb the owners should be penalized and pay these expenses, because they tell me that I could have animals and then write in the contract the clause not to make animals. Now it is a beautiful and clean house. But I did, not owner.. .