What Is An Activity Agreement

An activity contract is an individual set of activities and learning based on the needs and interests of a young person. It can be a range of activities – music, art, sports, outdoor activities – and can be flexible to the suggestions of the young person. The goal is for a young person to be more confident after completing a program and feel ready to make the next transition to education, training or employment. The activity agreements are open to young people aged 16 to 19 who are unemployed and need additional support to help them develop their skills to access formal education or employment. You may be eligible for a school maintenance allowance if you participate in an activity contract. An activity agreement is an agreement between a young person and his or her “primary contact person” where the boy participates in a learning and activity program that must be planned and executed in such a way that the boy is ready for formal learning or employment. There must be regular follow-up of the agreement with the young person. If the young person receives a school support allowance (EMA), this meets the financial requirements of the EMA. An activity agreement is an agreement between a youth and a counsellor where the youth participates in an apprenticeship and activity program to help prepare for formal learning or employment. The programs are designed and implemented in different ways, but all aim to provide a variety of fundamental elements related to employability and personal development. In addition, one-on-one support is provided outside of this core/group activity, where internships/tastings, community projects, and outgoing/living experiences are likely to be elements of an activity agreement. The Youth Employment Service, which is part of the Council`s Employment Service, has a number of provisions, including activities officially referred to as activity agreements. The service provides a young person with regular support from a NOLB Activity Agreement Coach and works on an individual level to help them achieve their goals.

Participants may also be entitled to a school maintenance allowance. There are various projects led by partners within North Ayrshire Council. These are: No One Left Behind (NOLB) Activity agreements are an option for young people who leave school or young people who do not feel safe to take the next step towards university, education or employment. They help develop new skills and increase self-confidence. Green Tree Arts Studio is a creative center, the only one. A non-formal option through an activity agreement can only begin when the young person has left school; However, planning can be done during their last semester so that they can start their program when they leave school. Alternatively, you can find out more about school maintenance allowances. Learn more about Activity Agreements (PDF) and/or contact the Opportunities for All officer or call 01343 563108.

Activity agreements are aimed at young people who cannot successfully transition to work, education or training without additional support. As part of the school transition planning process, activity agreements can be an opportunity for youth who are not willing to learn or work formally. .